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The BEST Scrap Car Disposal Service

scrap carDo you think it is time to get rid of your worn out Scrap Car? All you need to do is fill out the form on your right and we will then follow up with you as soon as possible.

Another option for you is to call us on our toll free hotline  to arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be picked up. However, if you happen to be coming into Harrow Middlesex HA2, you could bring your car along and drop it off at our scrap yard.

When considering the options of which car dealer you should give your worn out vehicle to, you should choose one that has a license to recycle vehicles. Some of you may be unaware that a license is required for this purpose but yes, it is an important part of the establishment of such a business. In addition to the local authorities, the recycling firm should be licensed with the environment agency. If you are considering our company, you have no worries in that department as the services we offer are completely legal. You can have a look at our website to be assured of the fact. We are licensed scrap car dealers with harrow council.

What do we require?

The registration document – also known as the V5c Logbook, and the vehicle keys are essential for the recycling transaction to be completed.

If either one of these, or both are lost, kindly mention it on the request form of when you call us to arrange pick up. In addition to that, we need identification documents of the owner such as driving license, passport, a utility bill or any other photo ID. Without a photo ID, we will not be able to go further with the car disposal procedure.

When will you collect?

Most often, we can arrange pick up within the same day of your request. Our service operates in Harrow, London, Hertfordshire

and Buckinghamshire. However, if your location is distant, please grant us an extra day or so to arrange pick up. We also understand that our customers are usually busy with work and for this reason; we have staff available to work after hours and on weekends.

Our Service

In addition to convenient pick up times, our service guarantees that your vehicle will be disposed in a procedure that is strictly aligned to the guidelines specified by the DVLA. All paperwork including a certificate of destruction will be sent to the owner of the car and there is absolutely no chance that you will see your old vehicle on the road at any time in the future.

Your car may have missing parts, a broken gearbox, a failing engine, or any other such defect that is too expensive to repair. The best option is to hand it over to us and have it recycled. However, your car does need to be on its four wheels for us to help you with it. If you bring just a car shell to us, we will not accept it. By choosing our company for your scrap car recycling, you will be assured of totally professional service.

Upon arrival, the necessary paperwork is first completed, the agreed price is paid to the owner and the vehicle is then loaded. Once we close up your insurance file after removing all there – usable parts, your car will be de – polluted in our junk yard.

The law requires us to keep records for five years for all automobiles that come to us for disposal and recycling. Every vehicle is given a unique reference number and details of the vehicle and the owner are recorded manually into an electronic database.

This unique reference number is stamped on the certificate of destruction which we give to you as reference. It is your responsibility to keep this document in a safe place for about six months until you receive a letter from the DVLA saying that you are no longer responsible for that particular vehicle.

By selecting a licensed vehicle disposal service like ours, you are guaranteed that the entire process will be done in accordance with the guidelines provided by the DVLA and the environment agency. Some fraud companies buy your old vehicle and sell it for quick profit to an uninsured driver. This will definitely not happen at our company. In fact, you will be rest assured that your car will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. All the documentation will be done properly so that if at any time the DVLA or environment agency asks for proof of whom you sold your Scrap Cars to, you have the necessary documents to show them in order to avoid being fined.

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